Wellcome to Sonlac A/S

Sonlac a/s is a trading company that specialises in cheese, butter and dairy products.

With more than 10 years of experience in the dairy business, Sonja Kjærsgaard Nielsen founded Sonlac a/s in 1987. The name of the company brings together the first three letters of the founder’s first name and the Latin word "lac“, which stands for “milk”.

With the company focusing on trade in dairy products for industrial processing, its key words were, and still are, quality and strong relationships,  and consequently the company is built on loyal employees, customers and suppliers both from Denmark, and abroad.

Both in the past and the present day,  the company principles are commitment, due care and  complete customer satisfaction. In 1990, Peter Samuels joined the team with his broad experience from a Dutch company working in the same trade. After that, Sonja and Peter became a couple, both in their professional as well as in their private life. The company trades primarily on the European market but over the years has also done business with Oceania and other countries outside the EU.

In 1995, the company moved to its current premises near the harbour with a view of both bridges over the Little Belt

In 2008, Sonja and Peter decided to retire and at the beginning of 2009 the company was sold to new owners, with Lars Terkelsen as major shareholder and Managing Director. With many years’ knowledge and trading experience in the cheese and dairy business, Lars and all the staff at Sonlac strive to carry on managing the company in the same spirit as in the past.

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Sonlac a/s is situated in this magnificent listed building which was built in 1801, and which for many years housed the now defunct Hotel Melfar.

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The wonderful  view from our offices gives us  both pleasure and inspiration in our daily working lives.